2nd Look – Sanitarium

Written by PushingUpRoses on June 21st, 2013

I’m not crazy.  You’re crazy.


  • Cintari

    I got the impression from a lot of the things you said about this video before releasing it that you were concerned people wouldn’t like it if it wasn’t as comedic as your previous videos. My response is that this is a very welcome and refreshing change of pace. While I’ve always enjoyed your goofy sense of humor, it’s always good to be serious for a change. It’s kinda like Scrubs: really funny, and yet sometimes really serious, and I love that show for it.

  • http://pushinguproses.com/ PushingUpRoses

    Yeah, I struggled with a few things, not just the lack of comedic elements. I actually thought people wouldn’t like the scare tactic I put into the intro. Normally, people don’t like jump scare things. But it seems like the people who did get startled LIKED that they were. And others seem to like it for it’s heavy nature. I’m very grateful that it’s doing well. <3

  • Sam

    I made the mistake of watching this at night, in the dark, just before bed. Thanks for the nightmares, PushingUpRoses!

  • Katherine Dankert

    Fantastic review, Roses! I know you were worried about it, but the style is very fitting to the game. It’s perfect.

  • http://pushinguproses.com/ PushingUpRoses

    Thank you very much. :)

  • http://pushinguproses.com/ PushingUpRoses

    You’re welcome. (grin)

  • Sam Pagano

    Visually this game looks a lot like Planescape Torment and in terms of themes it actually reminds me most of Spec Ops: The Line, which deals with similar themes of playing a character who’s grip on reality is questionable or even completely suspect (although you play that game as the guy goes completely mental so it’s not a perfect comparison). I really recomend both (also if you ever do a second look on Planescape Torment you are officially awesome. That game needs more love today).

  • http://pushinguproses.com/ PushingUpRoses

    I do have Planescape Torment on GOG, so I will definitely at least be playing it in the future. Quite a few people have already made connections between the two games.

  • Sam Pagano

    Oh good, I’m not just picking at straws, they really are kind of similar.

  • A fan

    Great video! I really love this game and your take on it.

  • Cody H.

    Great video Roses, you are really getting better and better with each review lately (not that the earlier ones were bad). I thought the scary jump cuts were very relevant to the theme of the game, and that makeup job was very cool. Jump scares can still work if they are used sparingly, and when appropriate (imo). Keep up the great work! You provide people like me who had to deal with a recent bout of unemployment with an escape, and some good quality entertainment. Thank You!

  • Chris Hughes

    Me: “Hey look! A new PushingUpRoses video! She’s funny!”

    (30 seconds later…)

    Me: ….I’m sleeping with the light on tonight….