Breast Laid Plans

Written by PushingUpRoses on January 24th, 2010

Alright, let’s get right down to business.  Something has been bothering me for a good while now, and I really think it needs to be addressed in a serious, and classy manner.


….Hrm, that isn’t quite the way I wanted to present this.  But it will have to do.  So, we all know what breasts are.  And if you don’t know them as “breasts”, then you might know them as boobies, tits, jugs, racks, headlights, hooters, mammaries,  or my personal favorite, chumbawumbas.  The myriad of slang terms for breasts is actually pretty impressive, but for the sake of this entry, lets call them breasts.

So my question is: what makes breasts, particularly female breasts, so appealing?   Guys seem to go ga-ga over them, becoming drooling sacks of testosterone at the slightest hint of cleavage, and even I admit to being physically attracted to the shape and look of female breasts.  No one seems to pay any attention to male breasts unless they are categorized as moobs, and it’s normally negative attention, even though female and male breasts arbreastimagebuttonupe basically the same thing: roundish sacks of fat.

Now, it’s speculated that males have an instinctive attraction to breasts, due to breast feeding and motherly things, and all that Freudian-style  junk.  And I do think it’s junk; maybe that theory does have some merit, but it doesn’t explain my own attraction to this body part as a female, and I am not saying that I lust over them, but there is something attractive about that particular area.  So while I think this idea does make some sense in a psychological manner, I think it’s a bit old fashioned.  I don’t think most men are drawn to breasts because they were breast fed, and I certainly don’t think breast feeding causes lust in men years later into adulthood.  What is the likelihood of men seeing a busty woman and thinking “Oh man, I like that rack because it reminds me of breastfeeding from my mom.”  It’s very symbolic, but not really a feasible idea in the real world.

So perhaps there is something more.  Maybe it has something to do with stimulation; perhaps knowing that the breasts hold a pleasure spot for intimate times is in itself intriguing and arousing to our minds.  But this doesn’t have anything to do with physical appearance, does it?  I figure this idea is more of a mindset thing; after all, vaginas are not exactly nice looking, but it is also a nerve sensitive area, but you don’t see men clambering to see a woman’s cameltoe – not as much as breast cleavage at least.

Well, it has a point.

Well, it has a point.

Maybe people are drawn to breasts because it has been pushed onto us by the media, and society.  Maybe over time, we have learned to worship this body part because it’s constantly a hot issue in the press:  nip slips, controversy over implants, reductions; it seems to be a big deal, and as people apart of this pop culture heavy world, we tend to become impressionable, and the media is very good at shoving things in our faces whether we want it there or not.  Remember when Tara Reid (of American Pie fame) had an incident where her dress strap fell and it exposed her breast?  What about when Janet Jackson exposed HER breast to the world at Super Bowl Half-time?  The press went insane when those events happened.

Maybe it’s not as in depth as that either.  Maybe breasts really are just…pretty.  Maybe they are a nice shape.  Maybe they simply look nice in a flattering dress, or compliment our hips, or make nice pillows to tired girlfriends and boyfriends.  Maybe it’s as simple as that.  Whatever it is, it boggles my mind.   It truly boggles my mind.  The mention of breasts in any conversation is enough to turn mature men into ogling boys; mention you will show off your cleavage, and you will have everyone’s attention for the next five hours.  Offer to show off your vagina? ….Well, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

“I just bought this nice set of pants, it really complements my crotch.”

…Yeah, that doesn’t sound very alluring.

“I just bought this nice shirt today, it really complements by chest.”

Much better.

As for me?   I don’t know exactly why I am drawn to breasts, but I can speculate that it is just the feminine side of me, enjoying my feminine traits.  I would be lying if I took a picture of myself with some cleavage showing, and claimed I didn’t want men to notice.  Of course women want people to notice, otherwise what is the point of wearing  a low cut shirt?  Or push up bras, or wonder bras, or corsets?  At this point, I rarely get mad if I catch someone staring; I am more prone to feel flattered.

I am going to conclude this blog with a question:  Why are breasts great?  Are they overrated, or is there something about them that make them amazing?  I await to be enlightened.

  • neoscriptor

    I really believe it's that whole instinctual thing. We were made to have babies (supposedly). That includes breasts for the feeding and hips for the bearing. 'nuff said.

  • pushinguproses

    Well, I do think that theory makes some slight sense. But you can't possibly say you look at a girls breasts and don't think about it's physicality, as opposed to it's child bearing attributes.

  • Cyclopsfan1

    Well there is a lot of factors going into our cultures fascination with the jigglies. One is out culture itself. We are subconsciously attracted to boobs just by osmosis of the culture, whether you think you are or not. The other is the shape is fascinating. They come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. No two are the same (even on the same chest).

    As for the Freudian reasoning, well it has some merits for women too, in that women are still nurtured by the same breast as a man. Women would logically be subconsciously attracted to boobs, if that is the true reason behind it. Other than that they look like a target with the nipple being a bullseye and that's just fun.

  • Obscurus Lupa

    I think just the same as any other trait society generally considers attractive, people like breasts because they're told to like them. It's generally considered sexy no matter the body type of the woman, so maybe that's why breasts are the more noticeable thing for people.

  • Biscuit

    I'm definitely going with the media is to blame for it. Everyone has grown up in their lives and were taught that breasts are sexual. They're not _meant_ for that, but that's what everyone has been taught.
    In 3rd world countries, it's not like this because they don't have a stupid media to ruin their image of things. There are tribes where everything is exposed. But no one cares because no media has told them otherwise, no family members have told them otherwise. It's not supposed to be our “instincts” we're meant to be naked, truth be told.

  • Biscuit

    Oh, and one more thing. They also don't have women taking pictures of themselves in sexual positions to show off “cleavage” that is also a media induced thing. Lolol

  • xypher316


    Indeed a mystery that has plagued me for quite some time. Maybe my personal answer can help.

    There is alot to be said about breasts, they have a beauty like no other that can clearly attract Male and Female alike. The Size and shape can compliment the female figure's many curves. Primarily I believe this to be the main attraction which is to say how it can compliment the entire figure. But that is only the overall.

    When focusing on the breasts alone (which is like focusing on the gold in a mine of diamonds) the attraction is not of the mind but instead of the body. One theory was that when children were breast fed they become more attracted to breasts but there is a flaw in that reasoning, Not every one was breast fed as a child. Then that would lead to the idea of maybe because they weren't breast fed that they desire breasts even more but, then there are the people who were breast fed and are attracted to breasts. Then the likely assumption is they liked being breast fed and it evolved as they grew up. This is just making excuses.

    No, instead it is the body that is saying breasts are attractive (and you can tell if look at some people's pants). The primary function of all living creatures is to feed and breed. As seen in the animal kingdom adorn themselves with dirt, feathers, and colors in order to attract a mate. It is no different today in the modern human world. Humans evolved from beasts to become the cultured species they are today however we still carry the primary instincts of our ancestors to feed and breed.

    It is that instinct in our very genes that finds an attraction to breasts and that's it. No psychological manifestation of a motherly comfort just that pure beastly instinct of being a human.

    WOW that got long!

  • pushinguproses

    Thank you very muchly for posting the comment here AND on TGWTG, very appreciated!

  • pushinguproses

    Yeah, agreed. I think it really plays a huge role. Or at least it has played a role in how breasts are seen.

  • K1ngfunK

    Personally, I think it is a combination of factors that you presented, and possibly a few more.

    While this may sound a tad on the “Freudian” side, it is a fact that humans are, as a species, attracted to the unknown. Heck, I'd say all animals are. We are instinctively given curiosity from the moment we are given life, and I believe it remains with us through the end of time. It explains phenomena like the “trainwreck effect”. If you ask anyone if they want to go look at dead or wounded people, they will likely say “no thanks” , but if you drive by an automobile / train / unicycle / whatever accident, almost everyone will instinctively look. Why? Because we don't see it often, therefore it is unknown to us.

    If you're asking how this applies to breasts, you most likely are pretty daft, but I'll explain it anyway. Granted, this reasoning likely only appeals to men, but I think it is still valid. At any rate, because men grow up not exactly seeing larger breasts every day after breastfeeding ends, we naturally are curious about them, but this fact is compounded even more dramatically with the fact that girls are told to cover 'dem nips from early on, too. So, as men, we want what we cannot have… a view of 'ze boobies! Naturally, cleavage is often the best we get from most women, so that small taste is quite appealing. There's a bit of this that applies to other areas, but since women don't exactly show vag cleavage, it isn't apples to apples.

    Another trait of humans is that we love things things that can be quantified. Car people love focusing on numbers involved with cars (Horsepower, Torque, curb weight, # of cylinders, etc.), Girls often focus on dress or shoe sizes, and we use numerical rating systems for everything from forms of media to online retailers and their products. Now when it comes to ranking female bodies, the waist, ass, breasts, and height are probably the most popular quantified areas of a body. While facial attraction is important, it is more a matter of debate. Whether you like big or small waists / asses / breasts/ and heights, their size is always an agreeable fact. You can see a girl and say “Woah, check out those huge knockers!” in the same way as you can say “Damn, she's tall!”, “Check out that ass!”, or “She's a freakin' toothpick!” and whether or not that's your thing, these are all things you can examine on a girl almost instantly.

    Then, to top it all off, like the ass (but unlike the waist and height), you are quantifying the size of the respective body parts, and since they are “parts”, you either can or can't grab / play with them, if the situation presents itself. What straight guy doesn't like a good motorboat?

    The instinctual thing could be hidden deep within our DNA somewhere, but I really don't think it's the main reason. Seeing as hip sizes and ass sizes / shapes CAN be very unrelated, yet many guys still prefer a given “style” of ass, there's obviously an appeal that is merely physical.

  • neoscriptor



  • pushinguproses

    Please turn in your man card. 😉

  • neoscriptor

    While I agree with parts of the last half of your comment, there are a few things I'd like to point out:

    “Heck, I'd say all animals are.” – You can speak for all animals?

    “If you're asking how this applies to breasts, you most likely are pretty daft, but I'll explain it anyway.” – Are you really arrogant enough to start a paragraph with a passive-aggressive insult? By assuming that even a few readers may fall into this category is a put-off to every reader. This need not be in here.

    And your comment leaves me wondering…

    Does this make the most attractive thing a breast trainwreck? (*cough* Tara Reid *cough*)

  • neoscriptor


  • neoscriptor

    So..the only person who you expect to read the comment is PUR? And thusly..the only one who may be daft? -rolls up sleeves- 😛

    A train of topless models colliding with 90/94 would be pretty interesting. I'd probably grab some Jim's and go watch.

  • K1ngfunK

    I don't expect no-one else to read it, I merely intended it primarily for her. If I wanted her alone to read it, I would have just wrote this out in our current IM session. Don't worry, I know she's far from daft. 😉

    BTW, if I hear of a topless model train coming through, I'll help attempt to derail it. I'll drive if you buy Jim's.

  • K1ngfunK

    I speak out of the fact that I'd say all animals are curious, based upon their actions, and I believe the very cause of curiosity is examining and exploring the unknown. I could be wrong, but I'm saying that's what I believe.

    As for my arrogance, apparently yes. I would imagine most people get where I'm going at that point, but I'm obviously going to continue just to truly define the point versus go off others' assumptions. Quite frankly I couldn't care less if people don't want to read the comment, since I ultimately only wrote this to present my opinion to Roses. I very rarely read blog comments myself, and heck, I don't even read that many blogs; certainly none regularly. Plus, if people on the internet can't take a little razzing, then I doubt it's the place for them. 😛

    While I don't think it would be the most *attractive*, I think a trainwreck full of topless models would stop all traffic in its tracks, myself included.

  • Scarlett

    I actually feel that it's primarily an instinctual attraction, rather than one that can be associated with the media. While pop culture and the media can likely be blamed 100% for the obsession with the *size* of breasts, I still think that an unconscious attraction to them can be traced back to childhood. Life sustaining, comforting, and at various points of a (straight) man's life, they're attached to the most important person in his world – first his mother, then his lover.

    Now that I think about it, in the History of Costume classes I took in college, there was virtually no period of time where breasts weren't considered special in some way. Throughout the various time periods we've pushed them up with corsets, padded them with bras, cut necklines in strategic ways … And that was all way, way before film, television and nudie magazines.

    But in the end, they're soft, a pleasing shape, and a mixture of comforting and alluring. Rounded bellies and exaggerated hips have gone in and out of fashion, but I think the allure of the rack is here to stay!

  • pushinguproses

    I think that was very well said. Completely agreed with how the media kind of changes our view on breasts and the body itself. In many cultures, breasts are symbolic and meaningful, but the media has skewed these things somewhat – the size shouldn't really matter, but big balloon like breasts are constantly being shoved into our faces.

  • Scarlett

    Ha! “Shoved in our faces” … We should all be so lucky. Motorboat! =)

  • LotusPrince

    “What is the likelihood of men seeing a busty woman and thinking “Oh man, I like that rack because it reminds me of breastfeeding from my mom.””

    Wait, that's not the normal thing to think?

    I MEAN

    But seriously, to answer your question, I wonder if it's simply a matter of them having to be covered. Think of how kissing in movies used to be censored in some places, and how people used to cover themselves completely with their clothes. It may not even be that the breasts themselves are attractive, but it could instead be a matter of them being forbidden to the public. I bet that if everyone walked around nude all the time, then breasts would lose their appeal.

  • Mannaroth

    Hey, I thought I'd say that it is a genetic thing. In the past when people were in a more animalistic sense of thinking men looked for women with large breasts because they would produce healthier childeren then women with small breasts because of the nutritous milk. So nowadays men instinctivly look for women with large breasts beccause it's like built in their genetic code.

  • pushinguproses

    -laughs- You are abnormal!

  • pushinguproses

    yes, definitely. I think those reasons are one of the more feasible ones, really. That explains a man's outlook, but what about women's attraction to breasts? 😉

  • The Setting Sun

    It's been said, but I also believe it has to do with the whole “hidden/forbidden” thing. That people naturally want to see forbidden things. (would word it better but I don't have time right now)

    p.s. there's no forum button no mo D:

  • pushinguproses

    Hey there! Yeah, I know. I removed the link itself from the website, but no worries! I didn't delete the forum, just the link. You can still go to it at it's address:

  • Bekefel

    It's hard to answer something like this because you just…do. Something in your brain tells you that you like those things. I mean, why do some people like certain other aspects of humans? Why do some people have foot fetishes whilst others find feet repulsive? Why does orange hair seemingly drive some people wild, but not others?

    I think overall it is mostly instinctual. It's not like only recently men have suddenly said “hang on a second chaps, these breasts thingies are absolutely spiffing!”. You can look back through history and see that women were doing things with their bodies way before the introduction of the modern media, and men were gaping onward.

  • The Setting Sun

    It's been said, but I also believe it has to do with the whole “hidden/forbidden” thing. That people naturally want to see forbidden things. (would word it better but I don't have time right now)

    p.s. there's no forum button no mo D:

  • pushinguproses

    Hey there! Yeah, I know. I removed the link itself from the website, but no worries! I didn't delete the forum, just the link. You can still go to it at it's address:

  • Bekefel

    It's hard to answer something like this because you just…do. Something in your brain tells you that you like those things. I mean, why do some people like certain other aspects of humans? Why do some people have foot fetishes whilst others find feet repulsive? Why does orange hair seemingly drive some people wild, but not others?

    I think overall it is mostly instinctual. It's not like only recently men have suddenly said “hang on a second chaps, these breasts thingies are absolutely spiffing!”. You can look back through history and see that women were doing things with their bodies way before the introduction of the modern media, and men were gaping onward.

  • thatdoucheandrew

    “Roundish sacks of fat”, thanks for ruining breast for me :p.

    But seriously, I think men like breast so much because it's one of only a few (and the better looking, no offense) physical features that separates the appearance of men and women. To me there are only really four things that separates the appearance of the genders: the breast, the genitals, body hair, and the adam's apple. I don't really count body shape because I've met women who have masculine figures and vice-versa. When a straight man see breast on a person, he knows that odds are they are a woman and, for lack of a better term, he can continue with the mating ritual. Same goes for gay men, they see a person with feminine breast and they know not to bark up that tree. (I hope that last sentence doesn't make me sound homophonic because I'm a big fan of the gays.) That makes sense doesn't it? What is the defintion of being heterosexual, being sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. How can we tell the different between the genders without having to take our junk out, and isn't as hard to see as an adam's apple, and can't be shaved off like hair? The breast. Manboobs don't have the same appearance as feminie breast, so to me they don't really count as boobs. Does that make any sense? I'm not a great writer and sometimes don't get my points across very well.

  • Mannaroth

    It could possibly be passed down to women by thier fathers but I don't know about that.

  • pushinguproses

    “Roundish sacks of fat”, thanks for ruining breast for me :p.

    Anytime m'dear 😀

  • Benzaie

    you know, attraction from one another is an unconscious way to find a patner suitable to procreate with you…and big BEWBIES are a representation of that fertility…

    not just in culture, but in the animal world as well (female lion show their titties, dogs as well)…it really is our inner wilderness + subcouscious telling us she CAN host your semen (ew) that drives you toward them…that and the fact that you can massage them…OW YEAH !

    but also, it is something that a man doesn't have … a erogene part on the chest changing consistency according to the girls mood…so in a sense, subconsciously: Big Breast = girls ready for action…but there also the fact that we're not used to see them in our everyday life…we are teased everyday yet, growing up, it's a long shot to see titties, if we were living in ancient grece or some african tribes, that might be different…we would be always hungry to see tits, because tits wouldn't be considered more taboo than the nose or the hands….

    and it really is christianism that decided we should hide our body…and yet we can't blame them since it made them all the more mysterious and sexy…

    As you see I could talk all day long about boobies…

  • pushinguproses

    Hahaha, you and me both, m'dear. I do like that we have to hide our bodies somewhat, I love the mystery behind the clothing, hehehe

  • K1ngfunK

    I agree, but I also think there's even some size factor that is instinctual, as well. There are countless societies that had fertility statues showing women with large breasts. Granted, they may have been enlarged simply to exaggerate the point that the statue was, indeed, of a female, but I think larger breasts, were preferred “instinctively” in these cultures, as they represented stronger womanhood.

    Media's focus on them definitely doesn't help, though.

  • Esoteric Articles

    Why the anti-Freud sentiment? Seriously, Freud is probably spot on about it but people who have not actually read Freud keep making arguments against what they do not understand.

    All Freud is really saying is that if a human male reaches an age where he can potentially reproduce, in theory his mother was at least adequate. As a result, being naturally inclined towards properties in women that remind that male of his mother (to an extent) makes evolutionary sense. I don't see why you have to be so down on a theory that really is quite an impressive and beautiful one given thought on it.

  • pushinguproses

    Honestly, you really shouldn't over analyze this article; it really is all in great fun. My opinions are my opinions, and yours our yours. If you love Freud, that's great. But I never liked Freud's theories, even when I majored in psychology.

    Just an opinion, like everyone else in the comments have expressed. :)

    I don't think I am being particular down about it, just snarky. But like I said before, it's obviously not supposed to be taken seriously; I thought that was pretty clear when I referred to breasts as “chumbawambas.” 😛

  • thewindowkeeper

    See, I'm weird in the sense that I like smaller as opposed to bigger. I don't think (with me, at least in an conscious level) it has anything to do with instinct as it does that I grew up being told my the boys around me that bigger is better, and I just didn't see it. That isn't to say that I don't appreciate curvy women, in fact, I find the curvy figure beautiful from both an aesthetic and sensual standpoint.

    As an artist myself, though, I'm drawn to female models who range from 34B-36D, rarely going any bigger than that (in fact, I can only name one character who is bigger than 36D). It isn't so much that I just want to draw breasts (or look at them) but that they're more appealing to me and most men (and women, I've found). At the same time, I can't for the life of me tell you why I like breasts over, say, bums. From an artistic point of view, the curvy figure (breasts included, but not just that) is more fun to draw. From an attraction view, it fascinates me, but I still can't tell you why. It's just the way I'm wired.

  • thewindowkeeper

    Laetitia Casta said it best about wearing clothes: “I've seen more vulgarity in clothing.” And I have to agree with her for the same reason stated above.

  • IAmTheJester539

    I think it's more about symmetry than anything… even if you look back at your previous drawings, notice how you drew the proportions of the breasts to those of the hips… it is no secret that symmetry is visually appealing… even though “Barbie” is anatomically impossible, she is built along a certain line of proportions and symmetry and people idolize that type of figure…

    As far as lust goes, that depends on personal preferences…

  • Matt Derosier

    I know I'm late to the game on this, but I want to throw in my perspective as well.

    There are several theories which I (an Anthropology student) hold in high esteem. Some evolutionary biologists theorize that the human breasts are linked to the sex drive in ways that have less to do with the actual function of the breasts (feeding infants) and more with identifying potential mates. One theory poses that the breasts are an indicator of age, and therefore fertility. Lack of breasts could indicate that the female is malnourished or underage, both of which are conditions which would mean that reproduction would be unlikely or unproductive. Saggy boobs may indicate more advanced age, which would lead to lesser fertility rates or higher risk of complications during the pregnancy.

    At this point, I would like to state that these theories are posed by evolutionary biologists taking into consideration that the human sex drive has likely been mostly unchanged for around 10-100 thousand years, at which time the human life expectancy was something around 20-30 years for those who were lucky enough to live past age 5.

    The modern fetishization of the breast as a private sexual organ is somewhat of a recent cultural phenomenon, and could possibly be traced to varying religious or cultural attitudes toward women and decency. Some specific religious cultures (notably those in Europe and the Middle East) seem to have adopted the idea that sexual impulses are unclean and undesirable, and so the people of these cultures adopted a sort of dress code which covers the body parts which might spark those sexual emotions – an example which stands out in my mind is the Muslim head-scarf which is part of the female wardrobe, said to cover the hair of women in order to keep the men from becoming lustful at the sight of a woman's hair. Fetishization is the counterpoint to this reactionary measure. When a body part is normally covered, the sight of that body part becomes sexually stigmatized. In Victorian times, the sight of bare legs became erotic.

    My thought on this is that the display of a taboo body part is a show of intimacy between two people, and intimacy is yet another facet of the human sex drive. Humans are a species which are pair-bonding in nature, much like many other breeds of primate which we are related to. Intimacy shows potential willingness to pair-bond, which is one of the ways we have evolved to ensure more successful rearing of children.

    To summarize, Men like boobs because they mean babies. Evolution is funny like that. Men may not want babies, but we've evolved in such a way that our brains drive us to want to make them, and they want to ensure the best possible chance of having them.

    I really have no theories as to why women like boobs, though. Maybe it's the same wiring as the male sex-drive, kind of like how the iPod touch uses the same OS as the iPhone, so the iPod touch has the code to make phone calls but isn't capable due to hardware. Nerds will get that analogy.

  • Stillman

    Well, suppose you are a caveman and you have a choice between two women mates, one having larger breasts than the other. Do you want your future offspring child to have a large amount of breastmilk provided to boost his immune system and make him bigger and stronger so he actually lives and reproduces to carry on your line? Or, do you want a smaller, weaker, child who could die young and be a complete waste of your dangerous hunting efforts? The best choice is obvious. The men who failed to choose the larger breasted women died out becasue because their smaller, weaker offspring could not compete with the well fed offspring. Now, mostly all that remains are men who prefer larger breasts.

    People tend to consider visual reasons instead of the undeniable physiological ones. It is well known now just how valuable breast milk is to a newborn. Those who are not breastfed do poorer on coginitive tasks later on, and they have weaker immune systems. Breast preferance is a simple matter of competition.

    As Matt noted below, a woman who flaunts larger breasts is really flaunting her overall good nutrition, meaning she is more fertile in the first place. What good is a child if it cannot even get born in the first place? A woman of our evolutionary past must show she can eat enough to carry a child for 9 months. If she is too small, if she cannot even handle feeding herself properly, this casts doubts in the male mind about her capacity to nurish a child, both in the womb and out. Hair, nails, skin health, breast size, these all flaunt good nutrition and are good indicators for the male observers.

    Finally, there is a hormone called leptin produced by fat cells. Without it, menstration cannot occur. Woman actually need a certain amount of body fat to ovulate. Without enough fat, they cannot get pregnant. Fat is demonized today, but it really has all sorts of vital functions. If our ancestors are going to get violent competition for mating with someone, then they may as well fight over someone who can carry on their genes when they get injured and die for their efforts.

    Note that nutrition was much harder to come by in primitive times and mating time for males was limited due to short life spans. They really had to choose their mates carefully, I imagine.

  • Slepter

    I laughed at the blog title. It was very 'punny.' Don't worry folks, I'm here all night.

    Anyway, I'm not reading any of those other super long comments. I'd just say that it's partially because society's bred us to think that huge bazoombas are God's gift to man. Aside from that, I'd say that they're no different from the way wide birthing hips are attractive–it's a sign of physical maturity in a woman, and given the sex drive of the average man, is also usually a precursor to an intimate relationship.

    Always feels good to be desirable, right?

  • Grendle1853

    They are nice to look out, fun to play with, and soft.  Whats not to enjoy?

  • Beja974

    This is very late but I actually have a comment on this.

    Though I can’t recall where I heard it, the reason for attraction to breasts, or at least male attraction to breasts is evolutionary. You may have noticed that Homo Sapiens are the only species with large founded female breasts and there is a reason for this. Back when we were apes, femals attracted mates by showing off…well….their butt. Let’s face it, that’s where the reproductive organs are so thats what males were attracted to.

    However you must remember that back then we all walked on our knuckles and in such a position the posterior is in easy eye level view. When we gean walking upright however, this was no longer the case. As a result, the female anatomy needed to evolve a frontal display to attract males,  thus rounded female breasts. This is why both are refered to as “clevage” when shown, because they serve the same purpose.

    As for your personal attraction Ms. Roses, I’m not sure how to explain it except that I believe we all have a bit of same gender attraction in us, it’s simply to what extent we feel and accept it about ourselves.

    Well, either that or it’s just cause boobs are fun 😛

    – James Phoenix

  • slobu

    Yep. I blame Darwin for the magic. I feel violated every time I watch Miss Hannah Minx. Rather than make we watch for the content she plays on the hormones. That’s a lame hax.

  • Vinny Todd Buttafuoco

    It’s because they are the least male thing ever. Everything that distinguishes males from females are attractive to the other gender. Every signifier of femininity is hot to us.