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Dos is Boss?

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I was recently talking to someone about how when I was younger, I played ALL my computer games on DOS, because I did not have Windows yet. You remember Dos, right? I remember not having an interface like windows, and instead had to use my dos prompt to do EVERYTHING to install and run a game. I even had a small menu coded, so I can scroll through and choose my game. That was heavy stuff back then!

I remember when games were good just based on story line, and not on artistic merit. Today, graphics are being a little -too- real for me. Honestly, I would rather stay in an obscure, pixel-y world than try to turn reality into a game. Reality is hard enough as it is!

Remember when the internet didn’t have places like gamefaqs? If you were stuck on a game, you had to either call a hint hot-line (I can see my parents yelling at me for 52 dollars worth of charges. oops.) or actually mail in for a hint book, and that could take up to 4 weeks! Games would last for months, whereas now, with the technology the way it is, you can sit down at your computer and look up a walkthrough, and beat a game within days no matter how stuck you are.

It’s pretty amazing how far we have come in the gaming industry, not just from DOS to Windows that can support such amazing games, but from ColecoVision to the XBox360.

I miss those old times though, when it was more of a challenge. Thank god for such brilliant software, like DosBox, so we are emulate those old games we loved so much growing up.