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Free Entertainment?

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

As many of you may know, I am a youtube video producer.  In fact, nearly all of my video content goes up on youtube, because that is where my fan base initially started.  I recently got picked up as a Channel Awesome video producer, which is pretty sweet.  I’d actually been trying to join the That Guy with the Glasses community for over a year now, and it is very fulfilling to accomplish a goal like that.  Especially after 4 rejections…*coughbittercough!*

Nah, I am having a great time with Channel Awesome, and I love all the people involved; fans and contributors alike.  Though, there is one thing that has been getting on my goat.  Now, most of you guys already know that I am not a cynical reviewer or writer.  It simply isn’t my style.  I, in NO way, want to come off as a “My opinion is better!  This game sucks and you shouldn’t like it and you’re stupid for liking it!” type of reviewer.  I even admit to being put off by some cynical reviewers.  Everyone has their own style of course, but I like to keep my material fairly light and goofy, so I don’t come off as sounding superior.

That being said, I want this to be clear: This article represents my personal opinion.  You can agree, you can disagree, you can stay on the fence, whatever you choose.

I *hate* it when other internet personalities and (sometimes)  fans respond to negative comments with “It’s free entertainment, stop complaining!”

It’s not *actually* free entertainment.   You still *need* the internet to view online content, and unless you are pirating someone’s cable connection, you are most likely paying a monthly fee.   Now, I am currently watching Back to the Future 3 on TV.   You could say I’m watching it for free.  However, I pay a monthly bill to have this cable.  So is it really free?  Not really.  I pay my monthly television bill so I can get channels and a variety of shows to watch.  I pay my internet bill so I can view a variety of internet shows on various “channels”.  There isn’t really a difference as far as paying those bills go.  Some would say TV has gone to shit and the internet offers much more, but that doesn’t mean you don’t pay that monthly bill.

Saying “It’s free entertainment” is not an acceptable response to people giving constructive criticism or slightly negative feedback to a video on the internet.   I hate seeing those kind of comments from *anyone*.   And even if it was completely free entertainment, that doesn’t make it *good* entertainment. Free =/= quality.   If I ever come back to some criticism on one of my videos with “Shut up, it’s free!” then I will truly be disappointed in myself.  I do want to make you guys the best internet entertainment I can, but if you don’t like what I have to offer, that is completely okay.  People should be allowed to dislike something, and express their opinion on that without  trying to be convinced otherwise.

I’m not going to lie and say that negative comments don’t hurt.  Of course they do.  You work hard on something, and it stings when someone doesn’t like it, but I would never react immaturely to someone who doesn’t, and I would never try to convince someone to think otherwise by saying “It’s free.”

Hell, I don’t like a lot of things.  I hate the song Caribbean Queen, and no one can convince me otherwise!  I hate it!  The chorus sounds like “GARY BUSEEEEY!”

Anyways, I am rambling now.  I just felt like bringing this up, since I see these kind of comments thrown around a lot, and it was starting to bother me. I’ll get back to being a goof in the next article.

By the way, shrimp is disgusting.  It really is.

The Great Paxton/Pullman debate

Monday, February 1st, 2010

In our time, there have been many great Bilps.  As you may or may not know, a Bilp refers one named Bill, following with the last name starting with P.

When it comes to notable Bilps, two come to mind.  Bill Paxton, and Bill Pullman.  Legend says that Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman are indeed, the same person.   Have you ever seen them in the same room?  The same movie?  No.  But this is merely coincidence, and evidence has proven otherwise.  Here are some pictures for proof:

Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton

For as long as man has been watching football and women have been having their periods, there has been the great Bill Pullman vs Bill Paxton debate! This is a serious matter that has not been resolved, bigger than the Mac vs PC debate, and crueler than the Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis debate, and more entertaining than any debate on C-Span. The Question remains – Which Bilp is the better..uh..Bilp.

Lets take a look at each Bilp individually.

When I google image searched for Bill Pullman, here is what I found:

Bill Pullman Nude

Fine art at it's best!

I am pretty sure just having this picture gives him more brownie points. Or maybe it takes him down a couple notches. I’m a fairly lusty type of girl, so I was pretty impressed with Bill Pullmans ….uh…confidence. Lets look at his movie work!
Notable movies include: Independence Day, Spaceballs, and Sleepless in Seattle. …Yes, sleepless in Seattle. And he was also in “While You Were Sleeping” with Sandra Bullock! This guy has a great repertoire of chick flicks on his resume, but makes up for it by playing the President in Independence Day. He was also in “The Grudge“, but nobody cares about that. Sorry Bill Pullman. Corny? Yes, he is. After all, he was in Casper, playing that goofy but lovable “Dad” type. Versatility? Maybe, it depends. He’s covered a pretty board scope, but always falls back on that charming, kind of laid back guy. Attractive? Well, he’s got myvote for that one.

Let’s move on to Bill Paxton.

Upon google image searching him, I find this little gem:

Bill Paxton sticking his tongue out


I tried google searching “Bill Paxton nude” for consistency, but couldn’t find anything! Can you believe that!? I opted for this doofy snapshot instead, but in his defense, Paxton has played several goofy roles in his day, including the zany, balding car salesman from True Lies, opposite AWWWRRNOLD. Bill Paxton is incredibly versatile when it comes to acting and the movies he has been in; my favorite specifically is Frailty, which proved a very dark, morbid role for this goofy looking actor. Other works include: Twister, Titanic, Commando, and Aliens, and even from that short list, it already seemingly outweighs Bill Pullman.

So we have quite a dilemma here! Who is the better bilp?


Bill Pullman: Looks pretty good semi nude, is very charming, AND he is still making movies and working. But he isn’t too versatile and tends to be typecast.

Bill Paxton: More versatile with his movies, wider range of roles to play. But he isn’t really still making movies, doesn’t have much in production, and probably doesn’t look as good semi-nude.

I am leaning toward Bill Pullman, currently. Now I know everyone is going to attack me with statements like “BUT BILL PAXTON WAS IN ALIENS AAGHKRJGHKLHFS.” Which is fine, but his acting in Twister was so wretched, I am not sure if anything can quell the pain it caused me!

So I ask you, who is the better Bilp? Let’s end this debate once and for all! Bill Pullman, or Bill Paxton?