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Let’s Play House M.D.! It’s not Lupus. Except for when it was Lupus.

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Oh my, but isn’t this game corny.  Let’s play it.

This is part 1 of the playthrough – the following parts can be located in the House playlist on youtube, or can be accessed by following the linked annotations at the end of the video.  Enjoy!

The Worst Games I’ve Ever Played

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

These are freakin’ terrible.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Friday, November 15th, 2013


The Typing of the Dead

Thursday, October 31st, 2013


Grim Fandango

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

This isn’t life after death. This is death after this.