Sometimes, I get questions.  A lot of questions.  Sometimes, I get the same question over and over!  We call these “frequently asked questions.” I wish I could copy and paste answers I could just store in my nifty Microsoft Office Word Clipboard, however, I found writing a special section for FAQs would be more profitable.  So here you go.  Your questions, answered!

Q.| How do you do your Let’s Plays?  What software/hardware do you use?

A.| I use a few things.  When I have a guest in my LPs, which is always, I record both of our commentary with a program called Pamela for Skype.  It records the call, and spits out an mp3 file.  Most of my games are DOS games, so when I play the games in DOSbox, I can just record the footage using it.  I record the game, and record the call with pamela, then I sync the two files using an editing program.  I use a junior version of Sony Vegas.  Only Dosbox is free.  If I am doing a solo LP, I record my voice in Audacity, record my footage in DOSbox, then sync the two together using an editing program.  So, to recap:

What to I use to record my voice?  Either Pamela for Skype, or Audacity.  (Audacity is also free.)

What do I use to record my game footage?  Usually DOSbox.  By pressing ctrl + alt + F5, you can record footage.

What do I use to edit?  I use a junior version of Sony Vegas.  You can learn more about editing software at the Sony website.  There are different programs for various prices.

Q.|  What happened to the “Carmen Sandiego” LP?

A.|  Unfortunately, due to legal/copyright problems, I had to take down the video.  There will not be any more LP Shortys on games from Broderbund, or Scholastic, and anything I did that involved those two companies have been taken down.

Q.| Will you LP ‘Grim Fandango’?

A.| I will not.  Grim Fandango is a very long game, and it’s already very, very funny.  Though I feel it would be a fun game to just watch someone play, I like to choose games that are either considered bad, or games people have played from their childhood.

Q.| What is your favorite video game of all time?

A.| My all time favorite game is King’s Quest 3.

Q.| Are you dating (insert name here) from TGWTG?

A.| I am not dating anyone on the site I work for.  We’re all just good pals.

Q.|  Who is your favorite pokemon?

A.|  I get this question all the time, despite never mentioning pokemon!  I actually never got into it.  I can barely name more than 3 pokemons.

Q.|  Can I donate something to you/send you a game?

A.|  I actually do not take donations.  While I am flattered anyone would want to just give me games, I wouldn’t feel right, even if I used them for a review.  Trust me, I appreciate the thought, but I will not be taking donations.

Q.| Since you’re not dating anyone on TGWTG, will you date me? I’m single.

A.| No. It’s really nothing personal. I’m just more interested in dating people I know. And… you know… know what they look like. And sound like. And are not complete strangers on the internet.

Q.|You seem to be popular, and a lot of people follow you, but I don’t like you, and it frustrates me that other people like you. I’m quite mad now.

A.| That is most unfortunate. I most likely do not like you either, so at the very least, we have a mutual understanding.

Q.|  Can you offer me any guidance or advice for this problem I am having?

A.|  I am really not fully equipped to try and help someone with their life problems, honestly.  I am not a therapist, or a councilor, or a trained social worker, so I feel it is not my place to even attempt to give advice.  Some of the blogs I write are meant to offer some kind of insight about certain problems, and that is why I write about them.  But I cannot give people I’ve really not met guidance.