Happy Fathers Day

Written by PushingUpRoses on June 20th, 2010

Dear Dad,

Well, another Father’s Day is here.  To be quite honest, I usually forget about Father’s Day because I have no reason to celebrate it.  I find myself getting jealous and resentful of my friends who have a father to shower gifts upon [even though I am broke and would probably just buy you one of those tacky Pink Floyd ties, anyway.]  Anyways, real reason I’m writing?  I have a bone to pick with you.

So I was looking through our records the other day, and found a BOSTON record!  I was so impressed, I didn’t even know you liked Boston!  Then I noticed it was the second album.  Come on, dude.  The second album?  The one with the ever sappy “Amanda” single on it?  Why do you have the second album and not the first?  Did you take it with you?  I guess I can’t really imagine a heaven without Boston.  Oh, and thanks for leaving me every Neil Diamond record ever made. Especially Heartlight.  Whatever would I do without that album?

Heh, you know I’m kidding.  I actually do like Neil Diamond.  Kind…of. …..It’s not like I turn him off when he comes on the car radio, even though sometimes I sort of do?  I know you hijack my radio whenever I go driving, so quit forcing me to listen to “Cherry, Cherry!”

I saw Eddie Money play at a free festival last night, and I have some unfortunate news; Eddie Money has lost his marbles.   I’m serious! And I quote,

“Who wants to go to Mexico with Eddie Money!?!? I have a guest list of 500 fans, we’re all going to Mexico!!!”

So, mind if I go to Mexico?  I mean, I was invited.  Granted he seemed just a tad bit plastered when he made this statement.   And I am also sad to say that he sort of lost his voice.  Energy wise, he still seems to have it.  Though, I don’t understand his stage antics.  Sometimes he’ll grab his head and look at the audience all cah-razy like.

Oh, and I met this boy.  …..Ugh, stop looking at me like that.  On second thought, I don’t want to talk about it.  HRMPH.

In other unsurprising news, you know I miss you.  It’s not the same without ya.  It’s not the same staying up late and listening to music without you, and I miss your punny jokes.  I can no longer think of one off hand.

Sometimes I realize that memories of you are all I have, and I become terrified that I will slowly forget them.  I hope I don’t.  There have been ignorant people who have told me I’ll never see you again, that death is all there is.  But you and I know it’s not really the truth.  The hope of seeing you again in some way keeps me going, and knowing that somehow, you are able to read this letter, fills me with comfort.  Much like the comfort you offered me when you were still here.  No one can steal this hope from me.  Otherwise, you know I’ll kick their ass if they try.  Seriously.  I’m pushy.

I love you with all my heart. I am playing Sweet Caroline just for you  (and yes, I am grumbling through the entire song.)  Have a great fathers day wherever you are, and don’t drink too much scotch.  You know how you get.

And remember, if Olivia Newton John married Isaac Newton, got divorced, and married Elton John, her name would be Olivia Newton-John Newton-John.

-Love always,


  • Paw

    Aww, that's sweet. Happy father's day Mr. Wilson.

  • Bushido

    Your dad was a Neil Diamond fan too? So was mine. It was those days when men sang like…well, men, and other men could sing along without sounding whimpy.

    “Sweeeeet Caroline! BA BA BA (yes, everyone sang the trumpet part)! Good times never seemed so gooooood!!!!”

  • Snarky

    Absolutely beautiful, Roses.
    As Paw said, Happy Father's Day, Mr. Wilson.

  • NeoScriptor

    He must have taken that album with him. I know I would. Perhaps he knew you'd end up with that album anyway, so he just took his copy with him. Or.. maybe he just loved 'Amanda'

    That family picture is so sweet :) It's odd to see you not wearing knee-high boots!

    And thanks to you, I will have 'Sweet Caroline' stuck in my head all day today, and try to cherish my father as much as possible. I think we are all lucky to get a glimpse of your father through his wonderful daughter :]

  • pushinguproses

    I am fairly certain that every Dad is a Neil Diamond fan. My Dad though? He was the ultimate fan. I have everything he's ever done in pretty much every format- CDs, Records, Tapes, 45s. Errrgh.

  • Designhobo

    Sarah, I think that you should celebrate just the same as you always did. He doesn't have to physically be there for you to celebrate it. Buy him a card, and do things you would have wanted to do. Buy that tie. =)

  • pushinguproses

    Well, fine. But it's gonna be the tackiest tie I can find, hear you me. 😉 Hehehe.

  • Designhobo

    He'll love it anyway <3

  • Browneyes68

    Very nice Sarah, you will never forgot the memories, that is what keeps dad alive in your heart.

    Hey nice picture, where am I?

  • pushinguproses

    I was wondering that myself. I think this is a Christmas photo…maybe you are opening gifts somewhere.

  • Dannyshadow99

    i must admit that i do feel a pain in my heart when i read this…some what from sympathy however more out of guilt…

    this is truely sweet and i'm sure your dad loves it more than you could know

  • pushinguproses

    Thank you. :)

  • AnthonyR

    Wow. That was very touching.

  • Krhs

    I am a dad, but I'm no Neil Diamond fan.

    Memories are better thatn no memories, and even if they fade a bit over the years faded memories are better that none at all!

  • Bushido

    How about Laser Disk? Or how about in karaoke format?

  • pushinguproses

    Nah, he wasn't THAT hardcore, surprisingly enough!

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