Last Half of Darkness Crossover Playthrough with Lazy Game Reviews

Written by PushingUpRoses on March 13th, 2013

We found ourselves enjoying this game way more than we should have! We had streamed this games and thought over people may want to see them. Part 1 is up on LGR’s youtube account (, and here is the most recent installment, the ever exciting and confusing PART II.

And yes, we throw a little girl in a volcano. Damn straight we do.


  • Marty McCoolguy

    PushingUpRoses rocks woohoo!!!!

  • Creature SH

    Listening to a Let’s Play involving one P.U. Roses is always fun.
    I kind of want to marry LGR’s microphone, though. The quality!

  • Rav Madd

    You were funny, awesome and inspiring like always Roses.

  • MayNerd

    One of your best LPs Roses.

  • pushinguproses


  • pushinguproses

    I have a better mic than he does, and yet, he sounds AMAAAAAZING. Damn LGR and his super voice! (He uses a Snowball, btw.)

  • Brownie_the_3rd

    more games should let you throw little girls into volcanoes, I hope the third game lets you do it

  • RobinAdams78

    The link is broken: it should be

  • PushingUpRoses

    Thank you! I fixed it.

  • TheTruthYOLO

    In my opinion this is the best half of darkness out of all 3 of them.