Merry Christmas, Monkees style!

Written by PushingUpRoses on December 26th, 2011

Merry Christmas! Ready for some Monkees shenanigans? I sure am!

  • NeoScriptor

    This is one of the few episodes from season 2 that I really like. You did a great job reviewing it, and I’m a sucker for that quick-zoom during that “buh buh buh buzzkill” part. I appreciate you putting in your heartfelt story at the end. Every video that involves your dad makes me feel like I know you more on a personal level. Keep up the great work!

  • Daniel Bromley

    I think that montage was probably meant to be sped up but they kept it at normal speed. :)

  • Daniel Bromley

    Also, thank you for sharing that story with us, Roses. It was heartwarming and brave rather than depressing. Christmas is about love and people and through your genuine, funny and entertaining videos, your fans love you :)  Merry Christmas! <3

  • Andy

    beautiful video, from beautiful roses. Thank you. :-)

  • Hex

    Awesome video roses! I’m used to watching your LP’s but this vid really touched me. I lost my old man a week before Christmas last year, and I just cherish the years I’d had with the old man.    

    Happy Holidays, All!

  • Mitch

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I loved this episode of yours, and I really want to thank you for being sincere about the significance of this Monkees episode for you. On a side note, the title card picture looks like you are holding a Melvin puppet. I like it.

  • Steve Ericson

    Another great one Rosie, and a sincere ‘thank you’ for re-igniting my love of The Monkees!

    Back in 86 my sisters sucked me into MonkeeMania and dragged me to five of their reunion concerts. I have such fond memories of The Monkees, but as I grew older and got into louder music, I grew apart from the Pre Fab Four.  Watching your video reviews of Head, 33 1/3 and now this, it really took me back. I’ve since dusted off my collection and have been sharing the great music and good-natured fun show with my wife – who never got deep into them, but grew up with the original shows. Though 10 years separate us, The Monkees have done a lot to bring us together as of late.  I’ve also been facing some of my toughest challenges in life over the last year or two, and I’m a natural cynic.. The Monkees (and Fantastic Four comic books!) have been a HUGE help in lifting some of my burdens and giving me a much needed respite from my cynicism and pessimism.  I have you partly to thank for that, so I cannot express my gratitude strongly enough.I hope to see more Monkees related material from you, and just more material in general.  I love a lot of the TGWTG crew dearly, but you bring a lot of heart to your work that is absent in many of the others on the site.  As long as you keep releasing videos, you can count on me checking them out.  Thanks Rose, and I hope you had a great holiday season! :)

  • Jadon

    I liked your use of Jingle Bell Rock by H&O! I really wish you did a review of they’re video for it…or at least the Literal Video Version. But whatever, it’s silly. 

  • Luca Fiorenzza

    You’re like a walking cliché. I like that.

  • Dreammirror

    Hey Rose, I’m pretty sure you have heard by now, but just in case-heard on the news tonight (wed, feb. 29, 2012) that Davy Jones of the Monkeys died.  Sorry to hear this–he was pretty cool, and I know he will be missed.   -Dream