Sierra Magazine Extravaganza!

Written by PushingUpRoses on May 14th, 2013

I really enjoyed going through this magazine. Brace yourself for some nostalgia, and for my extreme geekery. And if anyone has any cool stories to share, leave one in the comments!

  • Lazy Game Reviews

    Really glad you ended up making this one, I love these types of videos! Especially when it’s done by someone with a sincere wealth of knowledge on the topic. Can’t think of anyone else I’d rather hear talk Sierra 😀

  • Megane 6.7

    I used to collect the original Sierra Magazines/InterAction but all I have left of those is the Spring 1994 issue. I still have the original catalogues though, along with some of the books, boxes, manuals and other assorted goodies. And still hunting for more, of course.

    Back in grade school, I wrote a letter to Ken Williams as part of a school project where you describe one of your heroes since I was really into Sierra games. (My parents wouldn’t let me write one to Al Lowe because technically I was too young to be playing his games at that point. ;P) I scanned a picture of the hero from the Hero’s Quest manual for the cover page and sent it to him.

    And Ken Williams actually wrote me back to thank me for the nice letter and claimed that he actually blushed when he read it. I really wish I had those letters now, but I can’t find them anywhere and presume they were lost when we moved. If Ken lurks here, he might remember it. Anyway, that’s my cool story.

  • Jenny B Goode

    I watched the entire thing. Roses, you can make anything sound interesting. Very notalgic and entertaining.

  • Geoffrey Stanfield

    Jones in the Fast Lane… oh man, that name brings back memories. I’m surprised no reviewer has even done a quick look back at that one….

  • PushingUpRoses

    I’m glad you think so. I’ll be covering The Dictionary next week.

  • PushingUpRoses

    I could be wrong, but I think Lazy Game Reviews is going to be covering that one in the VERY near future.

  • PushingUpRoses

    Haha, I don’t think Ken visits my Web site. What a trip that would be, though.