Super Caesar’s Palace: The Adventures of Casino Cop

Written by PushingUpRoses on September 24th, 2013

Soup…or Caesar’s Palace…SOUP…OR CAESAR’S PALACE…

  • Bud Flanary

    Wow, I can’t believe I’m not the only one to remember this game. I played it on SNES and Sega. The funny thing about the Sega version is that the casino is completely empty except for your guy.

  • AnthonyK1

    This being a little late…and it’s really an exploit to the game is that in the horse racing, for some reason, there are lots of times where all 6 horses have odds of 6-1 or worse of winning so all you had to do was bet on all 6 horses and at worse, you’d break even…or coconut pizza would win that one time.

  • PoisonousHydra

    Dear fans,

    This PushingUpRoses is actually quite the opposite of
    the advocate for freedom of speech, and reaching out to her fan base
    that she claims to be. She banned me from her Facebook for the simple
    act of posting a link to a search engine other than Google, who, through
    their ownership of Youtube, line her pockets. Just to save face with
    her fan base, she immediately posted this:

    “Guys – if I delete a comment, it’s simply because I don’t want it there.
    It’s not personal to anyone at all. On rare occasion, I don’t think a
    comment is appropriate. That doesn’t mean you get banned, and it doesn’t
    mean you can’t post links elsewhere (like your own personal facebook.) I
    treat this as a personal Facebook where I can engage with fans, but if I
    don’t think a comment relevant or could be caustic, I remove it. It’s
    not personal, and nobody should take it that way or blow up over it.
    This is just a Facebook thread, it’s not serious business, and it’s not a
    soapbox. Thanks.”

    Is that so? In that case, please explain to me
    why I am banned from your account. This woman is a hypocrite, and is
    contributing to the very bullying that she claims to have been a victim
    of in the past.

    Please take everything she says with a grain of salt!!!

    A concerned former fan.